Investigations & Restraining Orders

Being the target of any government investigation, or even being a third party under subpoena, can be extremely stressful. Government agencies possess tremendous power. You need experienced counsel to guide you in making delicate judgment calls and to protect your legal and personal interests.

CLG has represented clients under investigation by local, state and federal authorities, including:

  • local police and Sheriff’s Departments,
  • Cal Poly,
  • the Department of Fish and Wildlife (DFW),
  • the Department of Insurance,
  • the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC),
  • the FBI,
  • the state Attorney General,
  • the Department of Justice (DOJ).

If you are contacted by any government entity in connection with a civil or criminal matter (whether by letter, by subpoena, or otherwise), call us immediately. You need advice regarding your rights under the Constitution, the pros and cons of cooperation, and general procedural questions.

Workplace Investigations

CLG conducts workplace investigations on behalf of public entities and businesses. We have experience handling these matters discreetly and efficiently.

Employers that receive a complaint of harassment or discrimination must investigate the matter promptly, which often requires an independent and experienced investigator. A prompt and thorough investigation can protect the employer from subsequent lawsuits, or at least minimize the risk of litigation.

Restraining Orders

There are four basic types of civil restraining orders in California:

  1. Civil Harassment Restraining Order: generally appropriate in circumstances or threats of abuse, stalking, violence, sexual assault and/or serious harassment, where there is not a close relationship between the parties
  1. Domestic Violence Restraining Order: generally appropriate in circumstances of abuse and/or threats of abuse between persons that were or are married, dating, or living together
  1. Workplace Violence Restraining Order: must be requested by an employer for the protection of an employee, and must be based upon unlawful violence and/or a credible threat of violence at the workplace
  1. Elder Abuse Restraining Order: generally appropriate in circumstances of physical abuse, financial abuse, neglect, isolation, abduction, and/or deprivation of basic care, where the person is aged 65 or older

Whether you need to protect yourself or a loved one, or someone else is trying to restrict your freedom unjustly, the restraining order process can be complicated and confusing. You will maximize your likelihood of success (and minimize your stress) by hiring CLG. We are experts in obtaining restraining orders in California courts.